Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 month update

Wow, I can't believe it has been over 4 months since the Deadliest Catch pups were born. Everyone is doing well and below are recent photos:

Cornelia Marie has stayed with the Moonsong pack and looks a lot like her mom but with her dad's coloring. She is very sweet...
...and very cuteDutch Harbor is still with me also but is leaving soon for his home in New York. Dutch hung out for a few extra months to get some training.
Dutch watches Sugar River Jack parading around with his bowl. They look very similar but are not closely related.
Time Bandit is looking very handsome!!
Bandit and his half brother Ki pose for the camera.
Northwestern (Chaka) takes a break from doggie daycare so I can snap a photo. Chaka attends daycare at the Academy of Canine Behavior, where I work. It is nice to see him regularly.
Chaka does not often stand still- it took many photos to get a couple that were not a blur.
Getting ready for naptime at the daycare
Early Dawn (Luna) has fully recovered from her broken leg and is enjoying life with Leslie, who is a vet tech at my vet's office.
Farwest Leader (Tehya) takes a break at home
Tehya has an expression that is very similar to her mom, Chili
Fierce Allegiance (Truman) is quickly outgrowing his puppy bed!
Wizard (Windy) waits for a game of fetch
Windy looks off into the distance
Windy is Queen of the hill
Sea Rover (Yuki) is a real cutie
The household feline was not happy when Yuki joined the family but has since made peace and now they are fast friends.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 week update

Well, the big news this week is Dawn, who broke her leg this weekend. All the dogs were greeting me at the door after I took some time off to go to a movie. Kila was bouncing around, landed on Dawn, and broke her leg. It is a clean break and should heal well, though it is in a tough spot- right above the hock on the inside of the leg. The tough part will be keeping her quiet for the next few weeks! She will spend some time with a vet tech at my vet's office who does not have dogs and can take her home for the next couple weeks until the bone sets and she won't be so suseptible to a re break if knocked around by the other dogs. All the other pups are doing well and I will post pics every few months as updates come in.
Chaka (Northwestern) enjoys some sun
Bandit snoozes after a day of play
Bandit plays with his 1/2 brother Ki, who is from Tay's litter with Frontier Sky.
Tehya is one spoiled girl! Look at all her toys!
L-R: Dutch, Cornelia, and Jack wind down and prepare for bed...
sister Dawn and Chili are already snoozing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

9 weeks

Jack and Cornelia cuddle in the field
And then there were 4. I started with 9...6 of my pups left and 1 came in. Dutch will be joining my parents in New York in a couple months, after he has had some housetraining and obedience training. Cornelia is staying with the Moonsong pack for a while. Jack will stay here also until a local show/breeding male home comes along. Dawn will join her new home soon as I decide which one it will be!
Splendor in the grass
Cornelia plays possum
Dutch, Jack, and Cornelia watch the sunset
Dutch and Cornelia
Dawn tracks down a good smell
Dutch and Cornelia enjoy a branch on a wooded trail
Dawn shows off her ugly face- she looks like a Gremlin!
Sarah cuddles Cornelia and Tay
Still nursing! Jack is not even Chili's puppy but she is very generous. After nursing 9, what is one more?
Dawn is spending time with a local 4-H family this week. This family will take one puppy a week for the next month. It helps me with kid socializing and also helps the pups get only dog time without their siblings. I want to avoid the 'litter nerd' syndrom that often happens when raising more than one puppy at a time.
Dutch is so sweet- he always has a nice smile
Dawn retrieves already! Like Father, like daughter
Dawn has a beautiful face!!!!
Dad plays tug with Cornelia and Wizard
Chaka hangs out in his backyard- I love getting photo updates of the pups!
Cornelia and Dawn chase Kila.